Products from each of the 5 T’s make up the total Disaster Tolerance Technology Solution.

Our goal is to assess and deploy the best technology to prepare and protect your business from any failures that affect business services.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail” 
        John Wooden, hall-of-fame college coach

The first component of our Disaster Tolerance Practice is assessment. This should encompass the entire infrastructure (applications, servers, networks) as well as the people and processes used to implement the technology. It is also important to take a holistic approach to understanding the cost of downtime in terms of lost dollars and lost productivity. Failures of hardware, operating systems, or databases can be mission-critical (affecting data or transactional activity) or business-critical (affecting customer relations).

We also take a solutions approach to deploying the right technology for both high availability and assured availability (also referred to as continuous or non-stop). And we’re not talking about reliability; when a reliable system is unavailable for end-users that equates to downtime.

There are five categories (designated as the 5 T’s) that make up disaster tolerance technology:

Disaster Tolerance Technology Solutions

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  • Fault tolerance
  • Geo tolerance
  • Recovery tolerance
  • Management tolerance
  • Security tolerance 

The concept of a Disaster Tolerance Practice may be ahead of the curve but it is not complex. Simply stated, it is applying technology solutions to meet the business continuity and recovery needs of companies and government agencies. As part of an overall continuity plan, disaster tolerance means preparedness and protection for your business.

John Mahon, distinguished professor of management at the University of Maine School of Business, says the survival of a company is tied to how it responds to a crisis. According to Dr. Mahon, companies need to be flexible and prepared for abnormal contingencies.