Since 1992, All Computer Solutions has provided businesses across North America, millions of dollars of technology solutions. We focus on High Availability and Disaster Tolerance Solutions for continuous availability for Windows based applications and services.

Strategic relationships are in place with the companies offering the most advanced and most reliable technology. Our product line includes:

About OUR Company

  • High availability servers
  • Security
  • Remote data storage & backup
  • Disaster recovery

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Fault tolerant or assured availability solutions provide continuous, 24/7 computing, even in the event of a hardware or software failure. Maintaining the state of the application can now be done on Windows and Linux platforms.

As an experienced system integrator, we are certified to deploy many of these products. All products incorporate proven technologies that make up our total solution approach delivering "zero downtime" to business-critical services.

How much data can you afford to lose? How long can you afford to wait?
The best way to reduce downtime is to prevent it in the first place.

Let All Computer Solutions show you how to apply the technology to eliminate downtime and lost productivity and give your business a competitive advantage. We invite you to contact us. At All Computer Solutions, we believe it is the team and not necessarily the tool that will solve the problem.